Licensure sends a loud message to women: YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING!

January 25, 2012 at 10:23am

Where is the evidence that those who are demanding midwifery icensure are speaking for birthing women? Their actions say something else. Have you read Erin Levier’s story?


I think the pushers are speaking for monopoly, control, money….while they are telling women that they don’t own their own births.


.I think those who are working for licensure are telling mothers:

“…You are too stupid to make your own choices of who attends your OWN birth. “Trust us to make that decision for you.  We are more qualified than you are to make these decisions….” 

“… birth is medical and needs medical assistance, so don’t bother trusting your body…Trust us instead!”  (Sound familiar?)

“…only CERTAIN midwives–in fact just one brand– can be trusted” and “IN GENERAL, midwives cannot be trusted and must be regulated” (mixed message)

“…birth is not a normal function of biology and that birth is not a private family matter, it is a public health concern. ”  (actual quote in response to my promotion of birth as a normal function of biology)


The truth is that in licensed states, the state and/or state midwifery organization have more rights to a woman’s birth than she does.  Who has the right to tell any mother that she must trust THEM to make a number of decisions for her. Their power doesn’t stop at WHO can be there, but licensing boards also determine what the license holder may or may not do, regarless of the mother’s wishes. In some states a woman must put up with all kinds of invasion so the licensed midwife can comply with her regulations. In some states perhaps licensed midwives can still attend vbacs, breeches, etc. but that is not true in every licensure state.  Once licensing is complete, it will be only a short amount of time until no mamma with a birth scar or a baby with its own idea of how to come out will have the option of a home birth with a midwife.


The bottom line here is that in a state where the mother is not free to choose her own attendant,  the midwife/client relationship is fundamentally flawed.  Anytime a woman is told she may NOT choose her own birth attendant,  that someone else will make that choice for her, the relationsip starts out without integrity.  Deep in every woman’s heart she knows that SHE owns her birth. …but she is being coerced into giving away her choices and her power by people she wants to trust….but obviously they do not trust her?  I will not be complicit with any system that tells a woman that her birth is beyond her physical or mental or emotional capability.   How is it that ANY piece of paper trumps the mother’s ownership of her birth?


If you are opposed to licensure, please have the courage to say that.  Somebody has to speak up for the mammas and babies, and if not you, then …..who? 


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