Who said, “You can’t have your cake and eat it, too”……….?

If you want to be paid by the state to attend a woman’s birth, do not be all shocked when the state says: “on our terms.” That is the way it works, people.
When you ask for licensure and third party reimbursement you are asking for regulation and stipulations and control……
And please do not tell me that the only way for women to be able to access midwifery assistance is third party reimbursement…..that is simply not true. Midwives CAN lower their fees, take payments, barter, take credit cards…paypal….and make all kinds of concessions. What midwife would turn away a truly needy mom who was willing to clean the midwife’s house for a year in exchange for help at her birth? You do not need to demand that the state or an insurance company pay you to help women…..What I respect is the midwives I see who are looking for a way to help women rather than looking for a way to get paid for helping women….I am not saying you should not get paid…..just that you should get paid by the women you serve. That is good for you AND good for her……


~Carla Hartley

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