“Birth Freedom …

“Birth Freedom is about securing the Constitutional Rights we already have.

The Right to Life:
The maternal mortality rate in the US has DOUBLED in the past 20 years (CDC).
No VALID study has ever shown hospital birth to be safer than homebirth.
The US is currently at #47 in the world for maternal mortality and #50 for infant mortality (CIA Factbook).
Because women have the right to life, they may not be compelled to birth in a setting which may decrease her chances of life for her and her baby.
The Right to Liberty:
The Cesarean Rate in Alabama is 35.5%, the 6th highest in the nation, and many of those surgeries are unnecessary.
The VBAC rate (number of women birthing normally after a cesarean) is only 3.5 out of 100. This means that 96.5% of the women birthing in the hospital after a prior c-section will undergo major surgery, even though the data shows that VBAC is safer than repeat cesarean.
The net result, without access to midwives, is that these 96.5% of women will be compelled, often against her wishes, to endure major surgery, increasing the risk to her life and her baby’s health.
In no way is it ever justified for the state to mandate major surgery for any of its citizens.
The Right to Be Secure in Their Person
Birth is a natural function of a woman’s biology, and will happen even if no one else is there. Women have the right to exercise their biology without unwanted intrusion. SHE chooses who may attend her and where she births.

Birth Freedom Bill Proposal:

Women have the right to choose where and with whom they birth. Midwifery, by virtue of that right, is legal. No physician or other medical professional shall be held liable for complications arising from a mother’s choice of homebirth or midwife. ”

~Terri LaPoint

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