Sisters in Chains: Supporting Persecuted Midwives, Doctors, and Families

All women have a fundamental human right to birth where and with whom they choose. This right is as elemental as the right to decide to have sex. Women own their own bodies.

When any person or entity places sanctions which prohibit or discourage the assistance of an invited guest at the mother’s birth, that person or entity is violating the mother’s human right. Many people may make suggestions or offer their input into the circumstances of a pregnancy or birth, but ultimately the final say and decision making belongs to the mother alone.

Sisters in Chains is a group that exists to show that such sanctions are not only occurring around the world, but are increasing at an alarming rate. Whether this growing trend is due to fear of competition, financial greed or simply ignorance, we do not know. Perhaps it is a combination of all three.

Do you believe in a woman’s rights to her own body and choices? Then please consider supporting some of our sisters: doctors, midwives and mothers united.



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