Mothers Rights are Being IGNORED by……pretty much everyone. cha-ching

“There are horrifying stories of human rights abuses everywhere. Specifically, mothers and babies are being abused all over the world. This is not a “that happens in other parts of the world” issue. This is not an “only happens in hospitals” issue.
Mothers’s rights are abused anytime that a mother is treated poorly, put in harm’s way over policies or miseducation, disrespected or criticized. But there are other ways that mothers’ rights are being ignored, but it seems that is not something many are willing to dicuss.
Mothers’ rights are being ignored, abused and denigrated by those who think they should get to speak FOR the mother….and tell her who may or may not keep her company while she experiences the normal function of biology called birth.
My heart breaks when I think of how manipulated mothers are into thinking that some group, entity, professional organization or authority figure has any right to determine anything about her birth.
I want mammas to know that birth is inherently safe, it belongs to her and her alone, and she alone has the authority to determine how, where or with whom she gives birth.
All kinds of issues about birth are fought over by medical and midwifery entities with no acknowledgement that NEITHER OF THEM OWN BIRTH.
And any midwifery organization who proposes to dtermine who a mother may or may not choose as her midwife is NOT working on behalf of mothers…..they are working for monoplization. So it is not just the big bad AMA or ACOG who are stomping on mothers’ rights.
Birth is a function of biology and the domain of the owner of the biology and not a commodity to be bought and sold and wrangled over, trademarked, or monopolized.
Anywhere you see a group wanting to control mothers, diminish their rights, insult their ability to make their own decisions, you can be sure there is a financial incentive.
There is big money in stealing birth from mammas.

~Carla Hartley

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